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Martial arts has helped me become more confident and courageous
Martial arts taught me discipline and self control


Read this page for testimonials from parents and students about how studying a martial art can stop bullying, increase confidence, and develop Children into happier human beings.

Sept 9, 2014
ATTN: Rose Smith

Hi Rose,

I just wanted to write a quick well done for your interview on news breakfast (ABC) this weekend past. I thought your comment on the way a government acts making it hard to be an example to our kids had me standing up in front of the TV yelling that you are a legend!

Whilst that comment took the hosts by surprise and it wasnt really explored, I admire you greatly for saying it. Courage, conviction and integrity.

Looks like you offer a great program up there. Love the community spirit you are trying to foster and the idea that you look after each other and the wider community. Also like your statements surrounding the why of martials arts.

Anyways, thought I should give you that feedback. Have a great day.

Thanks again,
Josh Ellis



Dear Sensei Rose,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the “Winning the Homework War” program that my son Jason participated in this year.

We have always struggled with homework, due to fear of failing, not understanding what is required, seeming to be too much and there is always better things to do attitudes.
The program was a brilliant way to help us break down the homework barriers and excuses and with simple strategies that were so easy to implement.

Since doing the program, Jason is so much better organised, he is committed to getting his homework and study completed and on time, he is not worried about admitting if he does not understand what is required or for help.  It has truly made everyone’s life so much better.

The final added benefit is now seeing the improvement in his grades, this term he came third in his class in Japanese with a score 20% higher than the class average.

Thanks again
A Grateful Mum
Karen Hadjinicola

Proof of Jason’s improvement since WtHW.
Karen Hadjinicola

From: Liberty Campbell
Sent: Monday, 16 September 2013 3:32 PM
Subject: Japanese

Dear parent,

Just a quick email to let you know your son achieved 71% in the Term 3 listening test, placing him 3rd in the class. The class average was 53%. Well done Jason on a fantastic result in Japanese!


Liberty Campbell
Languages KLA Leader
St Pauls Catholic College, Manly

September 2013


Rose Smith presented a workshop on resilience at the Bankstown East Hills Inter School Group SRC Meeting on Friday 5 April.
Throughout 2012 the students had done a number of workshops on anti-bullying and they requested some input on developing  resilience in 2013.
I became aware of Rose and her work on building resilience in students and her work with the PCYC through the local newspaper.

I contacted her to discuss the possibility of presenting to a group of secondary students. Rose embraced the opportunity with great enthusiasm. From the initial conversation she has been very generous with her time and her resources, tailoring her presentation to meet the needs of a group of 35 students from 10 high schools in the Bankstown East Hills School Groups.

The presentation engaged the students from the outset and inspired and stimulated them to take the material back to their schools to discuss ways in which the strategies could be implemented by the SRCs.

I look forward to hearing back from the schools with regard to the strategies they have implemented.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance with relation to the resilience workshop in the context of the ISG SRC.



Wendy McKay
Student Welfare Consultant
Bankstown and East Hills School Groups
South Western Sydney Region
Department of Education and Communities
9408 8913

April 2013

Thank you for providing an excellent program that was informative, instructive and fun!  Great mental martial arts as well as other strategies that I am certain will be helpful life skills. Thanks again!

Adrian Jollow

February 2013

Sensei Rose ;

FANTASTIC program that teaches children AND parents how to deal with bullies. Well worth the drive which was one hour and 20 minutes!

Thankyou for your wisdom and support with this very important issue. It has definitely made a difference in our lives.

Kareena Newman, Theresa Park NSW

February 2013

The anti bullying program at the Glebe PCYC was a lot of fun. Alaura enjoyed the games Rose plays and enjoyed practicing on her brothers and sisters. It was soooooooo soothing!

M.P Glebe February 2013

Dear Sensei Rose

The course provided children with concrete techniques to stop bullying and was fun, humourous and grounded in a combination of philosophies of martial arts and psychology. Brilliant!

A happy Mum, February 2013 Glebe PCYC  program

The anti-bullying program gives kids some great practical tactics for dealing with real life bully situations how to distract a bully and change the outcome of a situation for the better was helpful! One of the key focusses of the program was to take the techniques away and practice, practice, practice to embed them.

David Eggleton a Happy Dad!

Saturday 23rd February 2013

Dear Sensei Rose

My daughter really enjoyed the classes at the Glebe PCYC free anti-bullying program. Very important in todays society. Definitely recommended these classes to my friends and school mums. Thanks ever so much.

Leanne Lorist

February 2013

My son did the free anti-bullying program course at the Glebe PCYC. He loved it and gained confidence

Annette, Glebe February 2013

Dear Sensei Rose

From the first day my son joined the martial arts dojo of Hoshin, I have
not stopped being amazed and impressed with the changes Sensei Rose and her
young instructors have wrought in my child.

Within weeks of starting, his manners improved dramatically. His teachers
noted his exceptional politeness. Other parents began noting his good
manners when picked up from play dates with friends. But that was just the
beginning. I dont think I can list all the ways Hoshin has improved my
childs life. His self esteem, looking people in the eye (and the clever
way Sensei teaches that skill) shaking hands and introducing himself. The
skills he has developed with his rolling and falling. I cant believe that
is MY unstretchy son down on the floor doing the SPLITS!

Then there are the impromptu chats that Sensei has each lesson. He has come
home captivated with her drawings on the whiteboard of the human brain and
neural systems, the muscles, the way our brains work. Her knowledge of how
drugs and alcohol affect the body and her truthful, amusing and direct
discussions about the consequences we dont hear about, like adult
depression, have made more of an impression on him than all the healthy
harold lessons he ever had in primary school or the mixed ones he has had
in high school.

I cannot finish without mentioning the communication skills we have all
learned with Sensei. Earlier this year we attended an excellent program on
family dynamics and how we can even set our children up to be victims by
the way we play our roles in the family. Every single parent who attended
this program was blown away with the notes, the quality of the lectures and
the fun way Sensei involved our normally bored teenagers.
I cannot put a price on the value of doing her classes, only say simply she
is priceless.

As my son insists I am a very embarrassing mother  I will say simply The
Mother of a Fire Dragon

November 2012

Dear Sensei Rose
David has improved 10 fold with his behaviour and he said ‘he likes school
and enjoys it again ’  (again comment I thought was interesting).  It shows
us how positive ‘Hoshin’ has been for him, along with dealing with school
bullying issues, and his passion in sailing, is all turning positive, for
our little man. So makes the gut wrenching feeling in my stomach subside
when I drop him off at school now.  He is so happy and today for the
1sttime ever he decided to do 2 min pick up cause his sister was sick.

This way I could still pick him up and his sister stay warm/rested in the car.
So proud.  Such a little thing, but a big thing to both of us.

Thank you again and again Rose and your team, it’s all worth it!!!

Linda Dooley
March 2012

I just wanted to say a huge belated thank you for your amazing
anti-bullying 101 workshop that my 8 year old son attended with a friend.

I thought it was so beneficial & Luke remembered a lot of the information
taught, hes been telling all his friends.

It should be compulsory at schools.

Kind Regards
Laura Manchester

January 30 2012

Hoshin has changed me and my friends, because when my friends found out I was doing Hoshin they stopped bullying me and pushing me around and calling me names. Hoshin has changed me because I was not confident in myself but now I am.
Im also more fit and healthy from our fitness training and stronger than before. I have improved on Stranger Danger and in my manners and concentration

By a Golden Dragon 2011

Martial arts has helped me become more confident and courageous. When I am faced with something that, before, I would have run away, now I wouldnt. I was often teased about being smart by dumb people and people were saying FAIL! to me. Martial arts taught me fogging so when things like that happened again, I was able to defend myself with words. Sometimes, there was a bully at school who came and choked me (either with two hands or one hand) and hurt me quite a lot. and I wasnt able to escape until they stopped. Now that I know Hoshin, I was able to defend myself by twisting their thumb off my neck or doing a different move for when they have both hands choking me. Martial arts taught me discipline and self control.

Sometimes, people would do something to enrage me (and I would get angry too) but now, when they try to make me angry, I can be a bit more in control of myself. Marital arts made me more alert and aware of my surroundings, thus meaning that I didnt hurt myself too much (eg: banging my head, hitting my knee, rolling over on my ankle)

Whenever I fell over (like tripping on something) I knew (and know) that I could do a breakfall to stop most of the impact. Another thing that Hoshin helped me with, and changed me, is (rather strangely) my public speaking. I was more resilient to being nervous when speaking, making me speak clearer and louder. Hoshin has helped me with quite a few things, so I enjoy it a fair bit, and I plain on continuing with it for a long time

By a Little Dragon 2011

Hoshin has changed my life because I used to be bullied. But now, thanks to Hoshin, I have developed strategies and enough confidence to stop such bullying from happening again. I still plan on trying to increase my physical abilities to their maximum, like sprinting, the splits and kata. The confidence that Hoshin has given me has allowed me to share my ideas to more people and will help me direct the Hoshin movie this year. (Lucas wrote the story for this years movie, its a cracker!)
Hoshin has also given me patience and the power to ignore people when they bother me.

As you can see, Hoshin has shaped me into the Kid I am today, and has helped me with life in general

By Lucas, a Golden Dragon 2011

Dear Sensei

My two boys have participated in the Manners Program, completing level 1.
They are currently working on Level 2 and I have found that the program has
helped them think about their manners & behaviour and improve in that area
each week. One particular area where the improvement has been significant
and very welcome is doing it the first time. As any parent knows,
getting the children to do what is asked of them without repeated nagging
can be a difficult task. I have found that when the kids have a focus and a
goal, they are motivated to change their behaviour and actually do what is
requested immediately. The Manners Program has certainly helped my
childrens table manners, courtesy and improved the overall level of
co-operation in the family. They also have felt a great sense of
achievement when they receive their medal in front of their class and

I recommend the Manners Program as a useful tool for parents in teaching
and reinforcing positive character traits and good manners in their


Deborah Hodge

Hi Rose, just wanted you to know that even after 2 years we are still using
the wonderful booklet that was given to us as part of our daughters martial
arts training,manners for the modern warrior. We find it extreamly
useful for our entire and extended family, thank you so very much for all
you hard work and a great job. thanks again, kelley and chris

I think that our children have pretty good manners when compared with some others. Of course there is ALWAYS room for improvement!! nobody is perfect. I have found the Manners Program to be a great way of reminding our children of what is expected from them in regard to good behaviour/manners. Our children enjoyed the fun way and simple diagrams that Rose Smith has portrayed each topic. They were very attentive, keen listeners. We found
with this gentle reminder their manners did improve. The program also demonstrated to our children, that what we have tried to teach them, is a lesson that is not just coming from mum and dad. These same manners we have
taught them are appreciated by everyone.

Many children (and parents) these days simply just have no idea on how to be polite. Its a bit of an education for a lot of people young and old!!

We can highly recommend this program for young and old.

Bronwyn Leopold

Dear Sensei,

I am writing to let you know how helpful Hoshin Jutsu has been for my 5 year old Jack and his little sister Sarah. The manners program has been a fabulous extension on martial arts. My children have learnt so much form the modern manners program, it is quite amazing. They are always thinking of others and being kind and helpful. Their table manners are very unexpected and to have your 3 year old not argue back and say ok no
worries when you tell her no is truly a pleasure! Jack has taken away things like acceptance of others, good sportsman ship and very importantly, stranger danger. I dont think as a parent you think to teach children so
young the importance of strangers unless something bad has happened. This I believe should be taught to very young children at an early age and I commend you on starting this program. Thank you again for introducing the importance of these issues to my children.

Kind regards

Marnie Govorko

I have 2 children aged 10 and 6. Both of them are attending the Hoshin Jutsu Martial Arts program in Avalon once a week. We have been using the Manners Programme given to us from the Avalon Dojo, since they both needed more focus on respect, courtesy, manners, time-management and anti-bullying tactics to help them through each day in and out of school. I have been struggling to get them to co-operate and listen to my requests. After a couple of terms following the simple daily guidelines of the Manners Program I can already see the enthusiasm in my children in achieving particular goals set out in the Program. Its still a long way to go but its been a great start to a positive outcome.

I thank the Avalon Dojo team for helping me find a clearer way to happy children.

Susanne Hanke

My son Jason started his Manners for the Modern Warrior program mid last year and whilst my husband and I always thought he was a fairly well behaved child it was amazing to see how focusing on different topics really improved Jasons manners. Jason was always quite shy talking to others and it was so amazing to watch Jason talk on the phone, family and friends also noticed the difference and commented. It also helped when talking to face to face with people, my sister was extremely impressed when Jason trying to give her an invitation very politely interrupted and asked if he could give her the invitation, she is still talking about it today.

The way Jason deals with his friends is also a pleasure to watch, his confidence in letting friends know when they are not being nice or bullying other kids is inspiring. I wont forgot when he came home and told me that
one of his friends hid another childs lunch box, Jason told his friend that it wasnt nice and if he didnt give it back that Jason would. The boy was so startled that he gave it back. I have no fear that Jason will suffer from bullying as he has learnt how to deal with most situations and has the confidence to tell us what is going on.

However my proudest moment was after he started the second course, we went to the video shop and Jason went in by himself to return the DVD. As he approached the door, a lady also approached, I watched in awe as he opened the door but as it had to be pushed, he pushed it then stepped inside and held it until she had entered. I couldnt see her faced but I am sure she was impressed as I was at his amazing manners.

I dont just recommend this program, I feel it should be compulsory at

Thank you Sensei for a wonderful program.

I have two children attending Hoshin @ Avalon and we have noticed tangible improvements in both their behaviours since they started the Manners program. This has been most marked in our 10 yr old son James. One simple example is attitude to chores. He has transformed over the last months from someone who was very reluctant to help around the home and then only doing so with lots of complaints (moaning and groaning), to someone who now
usually responds upon first request and with a much more positive attitude (and NO we did NOT bribe him or change his pocket money!!)

So we have been very impressed and thankful for the Manners program



February 2009

Hoshins Manners program and Sensei Rose are an excellent attribute for all those who do it. The manners program incorporates several themes used by people in everyday life. I feel that my manners have improved out of sight, and I have been growing more and more mature and well mannered. My parents and I have been approached by members of the community telling us how they find that I am a courteous and caring person at my workplace, IGA and at the Surf Club. I always help out and am mindful of behaving in a well mannered way, which the manners program
aims to achieve, and I am excelling in schoolwork, and also in my track and friend efforts, inspired by Sensi Rose to try my hardest at all times and be a gracious winner and loser, which is generally fair and good sportsmanship. I think that the manners program has worked and that Sensei Rose is an excellent leader, teacher and friend.

Gold Belt Student (approx. 4 years with Hoshin Avalon)

Ben Ambrose

When People ask me about Hoshin, I describe it as martial arts with morals. I think that all children would benefit from this and it should be made compulsory in schools. Sensei Rose and her team are warm and approachable whilst emphasizing the importance of treating other people with respect.
The influence of Hoshin and Sensei Roses team is something my daughter will keep with her all her life.
Debbie Milsom June 2007

I have enjoyed watching Bens growth and maturity with the assistance of Hoshin. I believe Sensei Rose provides the children with a sound philosophy which she does with so much passion. This has increased Bens general awareness and kindness. Thank you Sensei Rose, for your dedication to our children and our community. It makes a big difference.
Eleanor Rattray

Isabella has had a fun time and learnt heaps it is good to have such a positive activity for children in the holidays
Very well run and organized Thanks
M Hobbs 20/1/07

Hamish has had a fantastic first time experience with their Hoshin Jutsu Holiday camp. The instructors seem to have developed a great balance of martial arts techniques with terrific team fun. Thanks Guys!
M Cook 20/1/07

Lovely experience for my son. Very enjoyable and appreciate the values
R. Huges 20/1/07

Morgan and Shayden enjoyed kids camp very much. It was nice coming to pick them up and seeing that they were having a wonderful and fun time. On Thursday after class they both didnt stop talking about class and showed their dad what they learnt when he got home! Thank you!
Penny Tan 19/1/07

Hoshin is a fun happy place where you do cool things The Hoshin team are very caring and teaching important tools that can be used in everyday lifge.
T. Downs 19/1/07

Dear Sensei Rose and Instructor Long,

I feel so reassured that Hoshin Jutsu is the correct sport of choice for my son. It incorporates everything Ive been looking for: exercise, motor skills, focus & concentration, listening skills, self discipline and of course, fun!

If only we could all make discipline as enjoyable as you do and in raising a five year old boy discipline and fun are key words!

Thankyou for all your time and energy spent on my son.


Marie Bou-Francis

31 3 05

Under guidance from my instructor, I have changed many of my unhealthy habits. When I started I weighed 77kg, but I was only 167cm tall. At the end of the three month challenge my weight had dropped to 67kg, my friends all noticed my drop in weight and I felt like a much better person

R Lewis, Accountant

I was placed on a personal challenge along with other newbies that forced me out of my comfort zone and usual patterns of behaviour. I dropped a lot of the negative things I was doing and my lifestyle immediately became happier and healthier! At the end of the three month challenge I had trained my mind and body to a level of discipline that I have maintained to this day, 18 months later. I am definitely a different person

T Brown, Teacher

Since starting training, my balance and coordination have increased greatly and my fitness levels have gone from almost non-existent to well above average

O Jane, Programmer

What struck me primarily about Hoshin was its emphasis on street based reality.. I was drawn by the speed in which you can become quite competent and also by the fun elements of the class its never so serious that you cant have a laugh

G Samuel, Student 2001

When I began training in Hoshin, I sighted something magical in life, and in myself, which I cannot quite explain but which I call the warriors path. It provided me with the final boost to release me from depression and inferiority, which I believe to be a permanent change

N weeks, uni student 10 / 6 / 2002

Hoshin has developed a unique program through application of Martial arts training to assist young people by giving them focus, self discipline and most importantly an improved image of self

P. De Silva, Teacher 2004

Hoshin promotes Honestly and trustworthiness. Students learn practical skills in conflict resolution, learning how to keep a clear head in a heated situation. They learn how to totally relax body and mind, the importance of fitness and posture, healthy eating and thinking as well as leadership and respect for others. Not just a school for self defence, I commend the excellent instructors who are dedicated to the total well being of all the students they teach.

E Macintosh, teacher, August 2002

The Instructors of Hoshin deserve commendation for all the time and effort they have contributed and the results they have achieved. They have conducted their classes with good character and professionalism and I have been proud to be involved with them. As a police officer I must maintain good ethical standards and promote them in members of the community. I see the development of these standards in Hoshin Students when they are in the classes and in their private lives.

T Sneddon,
Crime prevention officer Hornsby. Jan 1999

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