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Speaking & Presenting

The Team from Modern Warriors are available to speak and present at your next function, assembly or event.
Presentations are interactive and can be tailored to schools, businesses, leadership groups, teachers and parents.

Our most requested topics are;
Bullying – including an indepth look at how to track, record, and confront bullying, and some of the psychological issues around how it happens
Winning the Homework War” – A life changing presentation and subsequent program for famililes to change the bad habits of a lifetime
Building resilience – an inspirational talk with many great tips and tricks for developing motivation, overcoming procrastination and finding your spark
Self Defence & Personal Safety – tips, tricks, common myths and important facts about self defence, combined with actual self defence skills.


Our Instructors have extensive experience presenting to high school groups – notably Student Representative Council, Duke of Ed and Sports classes.
Topics such as resilience, bullying and life/homework balance skills are always well received. Engaging, funny and interactive, our talks help teenagers put important issues into perspective and give them tools to take back and share with their peers.

Dear Rose,
Here is some feedback from the SRC Captains;

Vice Captain Quincy Nguyen: The icebreakers were lots of fun and were a great way to interact with people from other schools. The speaker gave us a fresh perspective on ways to seek help for MH issues within our school and our friendship groups.

School Captain Amara: The ISG meeting was really beneficial. The speakers was insightful and increased our awareness about MH issues. I really enjoyed getting to know peers from within the region and getting inspiration to make a difference in our school.


Barbara Arambatzis
Teacher/SRC Coordinator
Bankstown Girls High School


From time to time people want one-on-one focus and coaching. Shihan Scott Brailey works with individuals to develop confidence and decrease anxiety and tension with his tailored training sessions. Individuals can spend 40 minutes or even 60 minutes with Shihan, privately tutored in their own home or at his dojo.


Parents often want to make changes, but when faced with an overhaul of how things are “done” at home, many are overwhelmed and don’t know where or how to start.

Winning the Homework War, Manners for the Modern Warrior and the Anti-bullying survival guide are our three most popular presentations. From chores and pocket money, consequences and how to give them, parenting skills #101 and much more, these presentations empower parents and caregivers with some supportive tips and tricks to get kids back on track quickly and with minimum fuss.

Speakers generally give a 45 minute or 90 Minute presentation (broken up into two 40-minute sessions) with a combination of speaking, group activities and open floor (problem solving , questions, ideas) along with plenty of hand outs and information guides for participants.


Empower your organisation or group with a talk on personal safety combined with a hands on self defence lesson. Popular with Nursing staff, Teachers and many in the legal profession, participants feel enthusiastic and energised with our interactive style and sneaky tips and tricks to feel safer all the time.

Modern Warriors

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