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Week 7, Term 1!

I can’t believe it is already week seven, with four weeks to go to end of term. We have welcomed a number of new students into the Hunters Hill dojo, and everybody has been working steadily on their Manners Books.

The timetable has been tweaked slightly, Tuesdays being reorganized to suit age groups attending for Tournament class.
Our free week’s trial is well and truly over, trial days are now back to being only available on the first Monday of each month.

Do you have or know of a teenage girl aged 12 – 15 years who might be interested in competitive martial arts?
We are so keen to build up our new squad we are offering all girls who might be interested the opportunity to train free in all high school classes – esp Tournament Classes on Tuesdays – free for the rest of the term.

There’s no obligation or join or sign up at the end of the term, we just want girls to come and give it a go. So far we have had some amazingly keen young women show up who are already showing great promise. Come and join us!

Term 2 will see us back with our fabulous program “Winning the Homework War”
If you are a family always fighting about homework and chores, this program will change your family life forever.
Don’t take our word for it, watch the testimonials on our facebook page!
Bookings are now open for our Information Session which will be held during the school holidays coming up.
Call 0444 577 608 to book your place.


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