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Fees + Charges 2019

Philotimo Freestyle Jujitsu Hunters Hill
Philotimo Freestyle Jujitsu offers affordable, family friendly training with highly qualified black belt instructors. All instructors have first aid, current working with children checks, & have completed the child safeguarding certificate through the office of the children’s guardian NSW. Junior instructors have over 80 hours of supervised teaching skills under senior dan grade instructors.

New students complete our famous “Manners for the Modern Warrior” manners program. Students are expected to extend the same good behaviour, kindness & courtesy used in the dojo to their parents & siblings at home. Our name “Philotimo” is Greek for “Love of Honour” and we take this very seriously in our students.

Manners for the Modern Warrior levels 1 & 2

We do not charge for gradings, and everything is included in what you pay for – including many extra opportunities to train throughout the year at no charge. There are no contracts to sign and we do not give out black belts to children under the age of 16. We believe our students should have not just the physical skills to fight off an adult attacker, but also the emotional maturity & grounding to withstand peer pressure & make good decisions when faced with anti-social behaviours & choices *before* we give them a black belt.

Want Polite, Helpful Kids?

Students are encouraged to train regularly to increase fitness, confidence & mastery of self defence skills.
 Our fee structure offers generous discounts for multiple classes per week & additional competition squad training.
Payments are monthly by credit card. Fees are divided evenly across 12 months, you are not paying for holidays or breaks.
 Payment can also be made by direct deposit by Semester, not term, & must be paid in full before commencement of training.

We offer prospective students the opportunity to train in a free trial class.
Trial Classes are open on the first Monday of every month. Bookings essential.

Special Offer ; Term 1 2019 parents train for free* with enrolled children.

*Uniforms, memberships & training gear not included.

Foundation Classes (“Minotaurs”) 3 – 6yo

$190 flat fee per term for 1 – 3 classes per week as suits.
Children must be potty trained to attend this class

Children & Adults

1 x per week $26 per class / $260 per term
2 x per week $15 per class / $300 per term
3 x per week $12 per class /$360 per term

Students training three times per week are offered unlimited classes including Sparring Classes

Tournament Squad
$190 per term for students doing 1 Jujitsu class p/w
$150 per term (20% discount) for students doing 2 or more Jujitsu classes p/w

Club Fees
Includes membership, uniform, first workbook for kids and training weapon for adults
Preschool – Kindy level $140 first year $60 thereafter
Primary level 1+2 $160 first year $100 thereafter
Teens level 3+4 $220 first year $100 thereafter
Adults 18+ $250 first year $100 thereafter

Training Gear
$80 Junior kit purchased at red belt (includes head guard)
$80 Adult kit purchased at red belt

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