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Term Three Updates

Jujitsu grading June 2019, at Hunters Hill Community Hall. Photo: David Porter


There is so much happening this term, we are going to be really busy.  Term 2 saw our last two senior girls, Francesca and Iyla, grade to their black belts after six years of training. We are so proud of both of them. It was great to see all of our black belts together and Sensei organized new embroidered belts for everyone at long last. This group of young women are inspiring leaders for teenage girls everywhere who aspire to train for their black belts, no matter what style.

So for Term 3… coming up fast, on the 27th – 28th of July, we will be up in Medowie, outside Newcastle, for the 24 hour non stop sparring session, hosted by Imugi Martial Arts to raise funds for the Striking Distance Documentary.
If you can’t make it, you can still donate! Go to the menu and click on “Documentary” and you’ll be taken to our Documentary Australia fundraising page.

Next, we have one of our senior students, El, competing in the National Titles in Tasmania for the AKF. El will compete in Kata and Kumite, against black belts who are all highly experienced. El is only a yellow belt in karate, so we are very proud of her for giving it a shot. Mel, our tournament coach, is also competing in the same competition and we are super excited about that. Best of luck to both girls.

On the weekend of August 11 we have the Port Macquarie round of the Australian Martial Arts Competition. 11 of our girls are competing alongside our very good friends from Imugi Martial Arts. We also have a record number of our students volunteering at this event which is fantastic. Super proud of everyone committed to attending.


Every Saturday from 7.30 – 8.30am we have a grappling class for mums and daughters with Frances Bavaro. You can be a total beginner and join this class, or you can have some experience – it doesn’t matter, there is something appropriate for everyone.
This class is fun and friendly with emphasis on strong foundations in the basics. It will enhance your traditional jujitsu, as well as give you a great workout and build your strength and flexibility.

Come along for a free trial class and find out for yourself how much fun it is!
0444 577 608 for enquiries / bookings

young women are filmed for a promotional video for the LMA self defence program. Photo; Motion Mad Media

Women only classes in AUGUST at the Lebanese Muslim Association, Lakemba

During August, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, two of our most senior Philotimo instructors will teach classes for the LMA in Lakemba. These classes are strictly women only, and women and girls are encouraged to attend. You will learn practical self defence basics as well as developing flexibility, strength and confidence.
Sensei Rose is so excited to be offering this program thanks to the LMA and the wonderful Lauryn Eagle, who is working hard to bring women from all backgrounds and cultures into the empowering world of women’s self defence.


All classes remain the same this term, with some small changes to Saturday mornings and Monday evenings.
Please see the timetable below!
Saturday morning Grappling is open to all mums and their children as well as our teenage girls.
Monday evenings is Women’s only grappling – this is a new class for term 3 and will be taught by a female instructor.

Fees and Charges
We are open about our fees and charges. There are no fees for gradings or belt tests, and students are welcome to catch up missed classes by attending the very next class available without any fuss – just turn up.
Mothers train free at all our classes, for the lifetime of their children’s membership with Philotimo.
(Uniforms and insurance are a separate cost for all members)

Foundation Classes (“Minotaurs”)
3 – 6yo
$190 flat fee per term for 1 – 4 classes per week as suits.
 Children must be potty trained to attend this class

Children & Adults

1 x per week $26 per class / $260 per term
2 x per week $15 per class / $300 per term
3 x per week $12 per class /$360 per term

Tournament team
$80 per term (students must be training one Jujitsu class per week to attend Tournament team)

Club Fees 

Includes membership, uniform, first workbook for kids and training weapon for adults
Primary level 1+2 $160 first year $100 thereafter
Teens level 3+4 $220 first year $100 thereafter
Adults 18+ $250 first year $100 thereafter

Training Gear 

$80 Junior kit purchased at red belt (includes head guard)
$80 Adult kit purchased at red belt

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