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Welcome back to TERM 4 2020!

Secret Ninja’s Business ; a Modern Warrior’s Guide to Not Gossiping!



Welcome everyone to Term 4 2020. There’s a lot going on this term, but it is all super – exciting.

Over the next 10 weeks we will have our end of year concert, girls summer camp, we have a visit from one of our very favourite dojos, AND we have the most wonderful Halloween Walk for you on October 31st… because we can still find a way to have fun AND be safe during COVID.

Our classes are all getting close to capacity so if you are still thinking about joining one of our many programs, now is the time. We have open classes from Oct 12 to Oct 17 and then we will not be taking any further enrollments until February 2021.

Keeping kids safe isn't really about "stranger danger" ... it's about people we know.

90% of children under the age of 12 know their abuser. The Safety Guide teaches parents how to keep their children safe, and how to teach them to keep themselves safe.


Our timetable remains the same this term, with some extra days towards the end of term to practice for our upcoming end of year extravaganza. We will be practicing with all of our COVID SAFE plans in place – but we are also preparing to film our end of year concert if needs be, without an audience, and broadcast it to all of our students and their families on the same night – so we can all still watch it together! We will keep you updated, never fear!


Philotimo Jujitsu has launched a full martial arts program for BOYS! After a successful trial in term 3, we are ready to roll, so book your place now!
Saturdays 10 – 11am HUNTERS HILL
Our class provides a structured framework of self defence, communication + life skills for boys 7 – 11 years of age.
Alongside effective martial arts, boys will also focus on kindness, empathy, healthy boundaries & respect for self/others.
The “Hippokampos” was a mythical Greek creature half horse & half fish! Like the Hippokampos we must learn to bring our opposing halves together to live in harmony inside ourselves. Now more than ever, we need this for boys.

Sensei Carmen will teach your son balance between strength + sensitivity in a challenging & encouraging environment. Our award winning programs will give your son the skills to stay safe, everywhere, always.

We have a number of special offers running this term – if you’ve been invited to train with a friend we will give you a 10% discount when you join. If you are coming through our boys program, we are offering you a 10% discount if you book before the start of the term. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further enquiries.

A big reminder – we close our rolls after the first week of term 4 and don’t take any new students until Term 1 2021.. so don’t delay if you are wanting to train with us! 

Training and COVID-19

AUGUST 9, 2020

As we enter Week 4 of Term 3, we are aware of COVID in our community and how it is affecting our friends locked down in Melbourne. We are also thinking of our friends in Beirut, Lebanon, and how we can help them in their desperate time of need.
These things weigh heavily on all of us – it is hard to remain positive when there is so much around us that is causing so much struggle and such suffering.

The one thing that is a constant for all of us is our training. Continuing training has not been without challenges too – temperature checks, sanitizing hands before, during and after lessons. Limiting our numbers, not being able to get changed in the dojo. Not being able to do our usual partner training due to COVID. These things have definitely been a challenge to martial arts everywhere. But Philotimo is an amazing community and our MUMS have been helping with ensuring everybody does the right thing. I want to publicly thank and acknowledge the work our mothers are doing at Philotimo to help keep all of us safe. Thank you for caring for all of us.

Another challenge Philotimo has faced has been one of growing our very small dojo in the face of COVID. We have not wanted to bring lots of new people through our doors when COVID is such a serious issue in community. I am really pleased to say we have been managing all the new enquiries well, and I would again like to thank all of our parents – new parents too – for being so understanding about our COVID guidelines.

Our timetable for Term 3 has been working really well, with good attendance across all classes. The Young Adults class on Wednesday nights has been particularly successful, I suspect because all of our Philotimo young adults are being very sensible and not socialising – so Jujitsu on a Wednesday night is the closest thing to a night out! Sensei Geoff has been using long range weapons like Sword and Bo Staff to ensure everyone can enjoy challenging training while also maintaining physical distance.


Just a reminder to everyone – should another lock down happen in NSW, we will immediately return to teaching all classes online, and we will schedule a 15 minute private lesson for every student every week, just as we did during the original lock down. Hopefully this won’t be necessary, but we are prepared!

As the lock down lifts….

As the lock down lifts, Philotimo Students are preparing for our end of term belt tests. It has been a long lock down indeed, with students training online since Monday 23rd March! We have been 11 weeks online, going straight through the Easter Holidays!
More importantly, we have had the best attendance ever from the majority of our students. Girls have been training up to four times a week, and Mums have been doing extra online classes three times a week. I am so proud of everyone.

Even though the govt has announced we can return to training (with limited numbers) from June 13, Hunters Hill council have not yet indicated if we will be able to get into the community centre. So for now, all online classes will continue, with a Saturday meet up for training in the park.

We have got some fantastic specials for new students – unlimited training for the cost of once a week classes, as well as 50% off membership fees. Now is a great time to discover a new activity – and one that has proven benefits for mental as well as emotional and physical well being…. even online!

Our timetable remains the same, and after lock down, we are looking at keeping some of our online classes, as we have proven as a school that we are more than capable of getting the most out of our training, and online classes can be really convenient for busy mums, and teenage girls doing a lot of study in year 11 and 12.  We are also looking at keeping our private lessons going. I think they have proven an important connection for all the students at a time when everything can often feel like a giant Zoom meeting with 20 other people.

In another four weeks time it will be the July School Holidays, and we are really hoping after they end that everything will be pretty much back to normal.

Keep training everybody – and we look forward to seeing you face to face in the park!

Online Programs for the Easter Holidays

Philotimo Freestyle Jujitsu is now fully online. All of our regular classes, plus an extra day, are running as usual.
It is looking increasingly likely that schools will not reopen for Term 2, so it is more important than ever to have a routine that helps kids stay focused, connected to their peers, physically fit and of course, having an outlet to burn off all that extra energy at home.

We have a FANTASTIC range of programs to help you get through the next 12 weeks and into the next term.

We know everyone will be staying at home to support efforts to suppress the spread of COVID-19. We have a great morning activity program for little ones up to primary school.

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY starting April 13th through to April 24th
9 – 9.30am MINOTAURS – Story time and activities
9.30 – 10.15am PRIMARY GIRLS – treasure hunts at home, craft and other activities

Friday nights 7.30 – 9pm SENIOR girls 12 – 17 years – social group and movies


Instead of taking a break, we are running our usual classes ALL through the school holidays. We are here with you to get through this challenging time together!
See our timetable below for ALL of the classes we are running

Cost for training
Minotaurs ; 190 x 10 weeks
Primary girls ; 260 x 10 weeks
Senior girls ; 260 x 10 weeks
Mums – ALWAYS TRAIN FREE with enrolled children.

If you join before the Easter Holidays you will get all the School Holiday programs included – 12 weeks of training and holiday activities for the cost of 10 weeks!

If you’re a mum and you’re going crazy at home, join us for FREE on Saturday mornings for our 45 minute work out. It’s crazy, it’s fun and it’s great to be with other mums just like you.

All classes come with a free trial lesson so call us on 0444 577 608 if you would like to book a trial or find out more.

COVID-19 and ongoing Martial Arts training


Dear friends, students and families of Philotimo
By now you’ll be aware that COVID-19 is changing life as we know it in every possible way.

Sports are closing down everywhere and kids are at a loss for organized sport and physical exercise – parents too.
Fortunately, due to our proactive approach from the start the current COVID-19 situation, as well as our ability to be flexible with syllabus and content, all of our classes are still running with minimal disruption.

We have switched to online content, all classes are live, along with weekly 15 minute one-on-one skype lessons for every student in the dojo for as long as needed.
If you are looking for an activity that is safe, fun and easily available four days a week, give us a call.

From the very first week back 2020, PHILOTIMO brought in strict measures around Hand sanitizing, cleanliness, health, safety, and training in an environment forever changed by the Coronavirus.
Now that all classes are physically closed, we are still operating, but online. We have added extra classes to help parents dealing with kids underfoot and full of energy to burn.

There is always a way to keep training! I will leave you with a classic Chuck Norris Meme. You know it had to happen!For now, stay safe and we will see you in class.

Timetable Term 1 2020

This timetable is from Wednesday Jan 29th to Wednesday 8th April. Term 1 is an 11 week term.
High School afternoon class and Tuesday Mums class are running this term & will be assessed for viability at the end of the term.

2020 Fees and Charges


Philotimo Classes are deliberately small to ensure students are given personal attention by highly qualified instructors.

JUJITSU Class Fees 2020
Minotaurs (3-6 years) 190 per term x up to 4 classes per week
Tuesdays class for Minotaurs is a special “quiet class” for young children who are shy, anxious or hate loud noises.

Manticores (7 – 9 years) 260 per term x 1 class per week
Hippogriffs (10 – 11 years) 260 per term x 1 class per week
Arktoi (12 – 17 years) 260 per term x 1 class per week
Adults ( 18+) 260 per term x 1 class per week

Additional classes for Manticores, Hippogriffs, Arktoi + Adults ;
2 x classes per week 300 per term
3 x classes per week 350 per term

**Remember if you have three children the third child’s fees are half price and mothers ONLY pay club membership, there are no training fees ever for mothers training with children who are current students.

Tournament Team
Tournament Team is for girls who are serious about competition and costs extra. We offer very generous discounts for seriously committed students.

1 x Jujitsu + Tournament Team 340 per term
2 x Jujitsu + Tournament Team 350 per term
3 x Jujitsu + Tournament Team 350 per term









Our Current State and National Champions 2019

2020 Timetable… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to a fabulous 2020 of training with Philotimo.
As always, we have our one special offer of the year coming up – from the 29th Jan to the 8th Feb, you can do one week’s free trial training to find out of Jujitsu + the Philotimo way are for you!

Bookings are available across all Minotaurs classes, as well as Manticore and Teen classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. This is our only free trial offer for Term 1.
Bookings can only be made by phoning 0444 577 608 and making an appointment.

Timetable 2020 will be posted tomorrow!

TERM 4 News & Events 2019

Classes for Term 4 are filling up fast. If you would like to do one of our free trial classes, there are only two dates left for 2019.
For the First week of Term 4, there are trial classes available on Monday 14th and Saturday 19th October.
After that we will not take any new students until Term 1 2020.

Term 4 is always a really special term for Philotimo.
Firstly we run our “SAFETY SKILLS” Program for our Minotaurs and Manticores. The Safety Skills Program covers all aspects of Child Protective Behaviours and Child Safeguarding skills just in time for the long Summer Holiday break.

It is so important to have a refresh of these skills as we lead into a period where children are out of school and sometimes out of direct parental supervision. Does your child know what to do if they are feeling unsafe, or find themselves in a situation where they are in need of adult assistance but don’t know which adults to ask?
Over 8 weeks with games, play acting and rolling and break falling skills, children learn how to be safer and make good decisions.

For our older students – Hippogriffs and Arktoi (senior primary and high school girls) we run “Secret Ninja’s Business”
It’s important to teach girls the value of good friendships, good choices and kind and empathic behaviours. Listening skills, learning how to be a good friend and learning how to avoid destructive behaviours like gossip and sniping go hand in hand with valuable self defence. Not all the self defence skills we learn at Philotimo are physical ones and Secret Ninja’s Business helps girls feel braver to speak out against bullying and mean behaviour.

Domestic / Family Violence Martial Art Support Group for WOMEN

Commencing September 30 there is a special program running at no cost for women affected by family / domestic violence. We are proud to be able to facilitate this program and support the outstanding young woman running it.
If you are interested bookings are still being taken, however once it commences it will be closed to new students.

Contact details on the flyer – don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information.


Term four is also when we hold our end of year concert and awards ceremony. Every student, even the new ones, take part in what is always a very entertaining evening of exciting martial arts, humorous skits and spectacular (and quick) demonstrations of the skills we have learned all year.

The end of year ends with a special camp for our senior girls where we spend a week swimming and camping and visiting the Christmas lights of Ryde together. It’s a time for making new friends, visiting old friendships and creating a strong bond of sisterhood between all the young women present. Gingerbread house making competitions are always a highlight!

2019 has been an excellent year for our all – girls squad.
From absolute beginners our girls have achieved excellent results this year in their divisions, all of them qualifying for the National Titles in December, to be held in Port Macquarie.

For interested girls, Tournament is held on Tuesdays and these classes focus on sparring and kata and demonstration skills, our three main events in competition. Congratulations to all of our Squad for your outstanding results at the recent State Championships, with two State titles being taken by our squad.


















All throughout the year this Squad has done brilliantly. Four of the girls participating are complete beginners, having only started martial arts this year. That is a fantastic achievement for our Squad and for our instructors. Well done.

TERM 1 2020 commences on Wednesday 29th of January for all current students.
First Free Trial lesson for the year will be MONDAY 3rd FEBRUARY
Keep in mind we keep our class sizes small so classes do fill up and priority is given to current students.

We look forward to seeing you in class.

Term Three Updates

Jujitsu grading June 2019, at Hunters Hill Community Hall. Photo: David Porter


There is so much happening this term, we are going to be really busy.  Term 2 saw our last two senior girls, Francesca and Iyla, grade to their black belts after six years of training. We are so proud of both of them. It was great to see all of our black belts together and Sensei organized new embroidered belts for everyone at long last. This group of young women are inspiring leaders for teenage girls everywhere who aspire to train for their black belts, no matter what style.

So for Term 3… coming up fast, on the 27th – 28th of July, we will be up in Medowie, outside Newcastle, for the 24 hour non stop sparring session, hosted by Imugi Martial Arts to raise funds for the Striking Distance Documentary.
If you can’t make it, you can still donate! Go to the menu and click on “Documentary” and you’ll be taken to our Documentary Australia fundraising page.

Next, we have one of our senior students, El, competing in the National Titles in Tasmania for the AKF. El will compete in Kata and Kumite, against black belts who are all highly experienced. El is only a yellow belt in karate, so we are very proud of her for giving it a shot. Mel, our tournament coach, is also competing in the same competition and we are super excited about that. Best of luck to both girls.

On the weekend of August 11 we have the Port Macquarie round of the Australian Martial Arts Competition. 11 of our girls are competing alongside our very good friends from Imugi Martial Arts. We also have a record number of our students volunteering at this event which is fantastic. Super proud of everyone committed to attending.


Every Saturday from 7.30 – 8.30am we have a grappling class for mums and daughters with Frances Bavaro. You can be a total beginner and join this class, or you can have some experience – it doesn’t matter, there is something appropriate for everyone.
This class is fun and friendly with emphasis on strong foundations in the basics. It will enhance your traditional jujitsu, as well as give you a great workout and build your strength and flexibility.

Come along for a free trial class and find out for yourself how much fun it is!
0444 577 608 for enquiries / bookings

young women are filmed for a promotional video for the LMA self defence program. Photo; Motion Mad Media

Women only classes in AUGUST at the Lebanese Muslim Association, Lakemba

During August, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, two of our most senior Philotimo instructors will teach classes for the LMA in Lakemba. These classes are strictly women only, and women and girls are encouraged to attend. You will learn practical self defence basics as well as developing flexibility, strength and confidence.
Sensei Rose is so excited to be offering this program thanks to the LMA and the wonderful Lauryn Eagle, who is working hard to bring women from all backgrounds and cultures into the empowering world of women’s self defence.


All classes remain the same this term, with some small changes to Saturday mornings and Monday evenings.
Please see the timetable below!
Saturday morning Grappling is open to all mums and their children as well as our teenage girls.
Monday evenings is Women’s only grappling – this is a new class for term 3 and will be taught by a female instructor.

Fees and Charges
We are open about our fees and charges. There are no fees for gradings or belt tests, and students are welcome to catch up missed classes by attending the very next class available without any fuss – just turn up.
Mothers train free at all our classes, for the lifetime of their children’s membership with Philotimo.
(Uniforms and insurance are a separate cost for all members)

Foundation Classes (“Minotaurs”)
3 – 6yo
$190 flat fee per term for 1 – 4 classes per week as suits.
 Children must be potty trained to attend this class

Children & Adults

1 x per week $26 per class / $260 per term
2 x per week $15 per class / $300 per term
3 x per week $12 per class /$360 per term

Tournament team
$80 per term (students must be training one Jujitsu class per week to attend Tournament team)

Club Fees 

Includes membership, uniform, first workbook for kids and training weapon for adults
Primary level 1+2 $160 first year $100 thereafter
Teens level 3+4 $220 first year $100 thereafter
Adults 18+ $250 first year $100 thereafter

Training Gear 

$80 Junior kit purchased at red belt (includes head guard)
$80 Adult kit purchased at red belt


As we approach the half way mark for Term 2, 2019, it’s time to take a quick inventory of what is happening this term!

First up, we have a number of senior and junior students completing our motivational programs “Winning the Homework War” and “Manners for the Modern Warrior”
Don’t forget to bring your sheets in each week!

June 15th is FORMAL GRADING. We have two senior girls going for their black belts and this is a very exciting event. This year we will run our grading a little differently from normal, but I think everyone will love it.
Students from ages 9 -12 Primary, High School and Adult students will arrive early from 8 – 9am for Syllabus testing.
Black belts and Blue belts – 7am – 9am syllabus testing
Parents and friends arrive 9am for a 9.15am start.
Minotaurs will go first, testing from 9.15 – 9.30am, followed by black belt testing for Iyla and Francesca. Senior grades will test throughout the morning until 10.30 when we will break for morning tea and any grades will be awarded.

We have a large group of beginners heading off for their first tournament on June 30 in Canberra, and we wish them a great deal of success. Training is picking up a pace as a result, and we have scheduled extra classes on Sunday afternoons over in Lewisham for all who wish to join in and work on their sparring skills. Gold Coin donation.

July School holidays usually has Winter Camp, but I am unsure we will run it this year. Numbers are small. If you have a high school aged girl who would love a week learning martial arts and making new friends, email us to register your interest.

Our timetable for term 2 is below. See you in class!


Modern Warriors

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