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Level 1

Do You Want Polite, Well Behaved Children Who Speak Nicely,
Don’t Interrupt And Do Things The First Time They Are Asked To?

Manners for the Modern Warrior is not an etiquette program, about which knife or fork to use. It is a training program that helps parents set boundaries, raise expectations of good behaviour, and assist in breaking bad or lax habits at home.

Over 8 weeks children and families learn how to speak nicely to each other, help and work together to accomplish every day chores such as washing up, folding clothes and keeping communal areas clean and tidy, and of course, develop resilience through the practice of good sportsmanship, taking “no” gracefully and more.

The funny stories, engaging role plays and practice games help kids, parents and caregivers stay on top of new skills, while the “Medal of Warrior Honour” earned at the end of the program keeps motivation high while children work through their manners every week.

Manners is offered as a regular term time program at both my Jujitsu schools in Sydney’s Inner West and Northern Beaches, however it is also now available for schools and educational institutions to offer as a stand alone program.

A program of good manners, sportsmanship and self discipline for primary school aged children. Children and parents learn how to not interrupt, listen quietly, have great table manners, say “Please and Thank you”, be great sports and learn to help with chores. This program is highly effective and will have you saying “wow!” within one or two weeks.

At the end of the program you’ll have the option to buy your child their Medal of Warrior Honour for completing the program. This motivates kids of all ages to really get on with their chores and manners every week, and helps to have a goal to work towards.

Thousands of families have done the Manners Program face to face in my classes in Sydney, and now children and parents all around the world can participate too.

Turn Your Kids Around In Just 8 Weeks!

In just 8 weeks, your child will learn ALL the skills they need to develop resilience and self confidence. Modern Warriors programs give children & young people the tools they really need to be happy and safe, always.

JANUARY 2018 SPECIAL – Polish up those manners for just $20 ! That’s the book & online program for just $20!

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  • Worksheets

    1 copy of ‘Manners for the Modern Warrior’

    8 downloadable work sheets – one for each week of the program

  • Forum Access

    Access to our online parents forum.

    Access to our ‘members only’ area with great articles about everything from pocket money to bullying to doing homework without fighting!

  • Videos

    8 great videos!


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