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Turn Your Kids Around In Just 8 Weeks
With A Modern Warriors Program

It might seem a bit strange to have programs about doing your homework, or having good manners, in a martial arts school.

I have spent many years writing and continually revising and updating my programs so that they work well with my students and their families, and not just in a martial arts setting!

You see, I believe that martial arts taught without moral and ethical guidelines is a bit like teaching mindless or competitive violence. We need a framework to be able to make good decisions and judgements on, whether for our own safety, or the safety of those we are trying to protect, for good lifestyle choices or life decisions.

So, I have many programs that go hand-in-hand with our regular martial arts syllabus, and we usually do one program every term. You don’t need to do martial arts to do these programs, you just need to have a positive attitude towards making changes .. to be willing to look at how you and your kids can change current habits behaviours in order to create lasting change at home


  • Manners For The Modern Warrior Level 1

    for The Modern Warrior
    Level 1

    Do you want polite, well behaved children who speak nicely, don't interrupt and do things the first time they are asked to?

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  • Manners For The Modern Warrior Level 2

    for The Modern Warrior
    Level 2

    Building on level one, this time focusing on "doing things the first time you're asked!" along with more developed social skills...

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  • Manners High School Edition

    High School Edition

    We will have polite teenagers learning to help, think of others, speak politely and learn to control themselves in all manner of...

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  • Homework War Winning The Homework War And Parent Guide

    Homework War
    Winning The Homework War
    And Parent Guide

    Helping both parents and children to organise themselves to complete everything from homework, tuition practice, chores, practising times...

    Learn More Coming Soon
  • Secret Ninjas Fitness

    Secret Ninjas

    There are plenty of books out there dealing with the mental health of our teenage girls, but I wanted to write a practical guide that would help...

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  • Secret Ninjas Business

    Secret Ninjas

    The Modern Warrior's guide to avoiding Gossip, Tale Telling and Drama. A Step by step guide to dealing...

    Learn More Coming Soon
  • Bullying The Anti Bullying Survival Guide

    The Anti Bullying
    Survival Guide

    Learning how to switch off, disconnect from bullies - includes many helpful tips and ways of dealing with Cyber bullying in...

    Learn More Coming Soon

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