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Teenage Girls
Classes for
12-18 Year Olds

Teenagers – High School Girls Only

  • Group 1 “Transition” – 12 to 14 years
  • Group 2 – “Seniors” 15 – 18 years

Teenage classes specialize with a particular focus on young women. Girls 11 – 17 years are at greatest risk of sexual assault and this age group also coincides with the greatest drop in participation in both martial arts and group sport. Girls have particular requirements when learning the more adult aspects of martial arts and we provide a safe space for them to “be themselves” while developing confidence and skill.

This is a full martial arts program that also drills communication with parents and adults, a strong anti-drug message as well as dealing with more mature and difficult aspects of bullying at high school, including cyber bullying.

All aspects of personal safety is covered. Girls will benefit from good decision making, sizing up risk, making good choices. These students are introduced to basic MMA (Mixed martial arts) and also learn in-depth weaponry skills including knife, cane, jo and bo.

Promising students are invited to join our Tournament program.

Your First Class Is On Us

In just 8 weeks, your child will learn ALL the skills they need to develop resilience and self confidence. Modern Warriors programs give children & young people the tools they really need to be happy and safe, always.

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Gladesville and The Inner West

High School Girls Only – Jujitsu


3.45 – 5.15pm

Boxing Works, Harold Park Tramsheds

1 Dalgal Way, Forest Lodge NSW 2037 (view on map)


5 – 6pm


8 – 9am

Gladesville Road Community Centre

504 Victoria Rd, Ryde NSW 2112 (view on map)

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