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We Teach Students To Defend Themselves Quickly And Easily by Giving Them The Skills They Need To Stay Safe.

The study of a martial art allows a person to develop excellent eye-hand co-ordination, promotes self-discipline and good citizenship, and encourages good attention and concentration; a must for good study and work habits. Hoshin has an extremely progressive adult syllabus that combines the very best and most effective of modern and traditional techniques. Weapons, multiple attacks, street awareness and safety as well as good fitness and stretching make up the normal syllabus.

Great emphasis is also placed on realism. Students don’t spend time making punches that will never meet or targeting areas that are nonvital! Our highly evolved “Inazuma Kumite” or “lightening fists” free sparring is run in a controlled and safe atmosphere to allow students to experience the real feeling and handling of a combat situation. Adult classes start from age 13, there is no upper age limit. Students who are committed and keen receive great benefits from training.

In 2015 we asked our students to be BRAVE and answer the question
“What makes YOU a champion?”

You can find out more about THE RIGHT CLASSES for your champion below.

  • Snap Dragons Hoshin Jujitsu

    Snap Dragons
    3+ Year Olds

    Introduction to Martial arts – this entry program focuses on life skills such as respect, self confidence, focus and discipline. Your child...

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  • Little Dragons Hoshin Jujitsu

    Little Dragons
    5-8 Year Olds

    This program is where students begin to learn valuable self defence skills; mainly defensive moves and more developed rolling and...

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  • Golden Dragons Hoshin Jujitsu

    Golden Dragons
    9-12 Year Olds

    This is our "tweens" class, focusing on leadership, resilience, good attitude to school work & learning across all areas. Attack as well as ...

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  • Fire Dragons Hoshin Jujitsu

    12-17 Year Olds

    Our adult introductory program for students aged 12 – 17 this is a full martial arts program that also drills communication with parents...

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  • Adults Hoshin Jujitsu

    18+ All Levels

    You are never too old to start a martial art. Full care is taken to provide appropriate techniques to students of all ages & stages...

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