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As the lock down lifts….

June 4, 2020 | Sensei Smith

As the lock down lifts, Philotimo Students are preparing for our end of term belt tests. It has been a long lock down indeed, with students training online since Monday 23rd March! We have been 11 weeks online, going straight through the Easter Holidays!
More importantly, we have had the best attendance ever from the majority of our students. Girls have been training up to four times a week, and Mums have been doing extra online classes three times a week. I am so proud of everyone.

Even though the govt has announced we can return to training (with limited numbers) from June 13, Hunters Hill council have not yet indicated if we will be able to get into the community centre. So for now, all online classes will continue, with a Saturday meet up for training in the park.

We have got some fantastic specials for new students - unlimited training for the cost of once a week classes, as well as 50% off membership fees. Now is a great time to discover a new activity - and one that has proven benefits for mental as well as emotional and physical well being.... even online!

Our timetable remains the same, and after lock down, we are looking at keeping some of our online classes, as we have proven as a school that we are more than capable of getting the most out of our training, and online classes can be really convenient for busy mums, and teenage girls doing a lot of study in year 11 and 12.  We are also looking at keeping our private lessons going. I think they have proven an important connection for all the students at a time when everything can often feel like a giant Zoom meeting with 20 other people.

In another four weeks time it will be the July School Holidays, and we are really hoping after they end that everything will be pretty much back to normal.

Keep training everybody - and we look forward to seeing you face to face in the park!

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