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WINTER CAMP 2018 Bookings Now Open!

May 23, 2018 | Sensei Smith
 THESE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS do something that makes a difference to your study habits…

Join us for four days and nights in a quiet bush setting!

Our all-girls self defence and study camp makes a huge difference to the confidence and empowerment of young women. Learning self defence and martial arts skills by day, girls aged 12 – 18 enjoy exposure to a variety of martial arts, visiting instructors and effective self defence techniques.

Girls in year 11 and 12 have their own dorm + study space with open log fire, tutors in all major HSC subjects and supervised study. Participation in self defence is also included, allowing time for practical fun and activities as well as focused study time.

In the evenings there are campfires, theatre sports, chill out time. Imagine going into term 3 fired up and ready for your year 11 exams or HSC trials, or just armed with the very best self defence techniques.

4 days and nights, accomodation, meals training all inclusive $350 places are limited.
Girls from other martial arts warmly welcomed.

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“I found, on commencing training in Jujitsu,
that I sighted something magical in myself
and my depression and lack of confidence
melted away” – Nicole Weeks

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