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Training and COVID-19

August 9, 2020 | Sensei Smith

AUGUST 9, 2020

As we enter Week 4 of Term 3, we are aware of COVID in our community and how it is affecting our friends locked down in Melbourne. We are also thinking of our friends in Beirut, Lebanon, and how we can help them in their desperate time of need.
These things weigh heavily on all of us - it is hard to remain positive when there is so much around us that is causing so much struggle and such suffering.

The one thing that is a constant for all of us is our training. Continuing training has not been without challenges too - temperature checks, sanitizing hands before, during and after lessons. Limiting our numbers, not being able to get changed in the dojo. Not being able to do our usual partner training due to COVID. These things have definitely been a challenge to martial arts everywhere. But Philotimo is an amazing community and our MUMS have been helping with ensuring everybody does the right thing. I want to publicly thank and acknowledge the work our mothers are doing at Philotimo to help keep all of us safe. Thank you for caring for all of us.

Another challenge Philotimo has faced has been one of growing our very small dojo in the face of COVID. We have not wanted to bring lots of new people through our doors when COVID is such a serious issue in community. I am really pleased to say we have been managing all the new enquiries well, and I would again like to thank all of our parents - new parents too - for being so understanding about our COVID guidelines.

Our timetable for Term 3 has been working really well, with good attendance across all classes. The Young Adults class on Wednesday nights has been particularly successful, I suspect because all of our Philotimo young adults are being very sensible and not socialising - so Jujitsu on a Wednesday night is the closest thing to a night out! Sensei Geoff has been using long range weapons like Sword and Bo Staff to ensure everyone can enjoy challenging training while also maintaining physical distance.


Just a reminder to everyone - should another lock down happen in NSW, we will immediately return to teaching all classes online, and we will schedule a 15 minute private lesson for every student every week, just as we did during the original lock down. Hopefully this won't be necessary, but we are prepared!

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